Kindermusik turns learning into a fun new exploration of singing, swaying, laughing, and playing! Our classes offer a just-right mix of early-childhood development, together time, and music and movement activities. We create music experiences that strengthen relationships, build community, and make learning playful and fun.

For three generations, Kindermusik has helped millions of children around the world build a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Built on over 40 years of experience and research, the child centered program is recognized by influencers in the early childhood development field. Learn more about the benefits of Kindermusik.

Kindermusik is the world’s leading provider of music-based education for children from birth through age seven, and now you can join the Kindermusik family in Columbus, OH! View our class schedule or sign up for a free preview!


Classes now enrolling!

Families can enroll any point during a session where there is room. Stay for as long as you are able, or for the entire session!


Join us for a playdate!

Musical playdates are one time classes for the whole family! All the fun of a regular Kindermusik class, plus an instrument and music to take home!


Infants & Babies

Foundations: 0 to 18 months

Foundations classes offer a sensory-rich yet caring and gentle environment where infants and young toddlers can explore and react to new sounds, sensations, objects, and movements.


Babies & Young Toddlers

Level 1: 12 to 24 months

Level 1 classes provide toddlers with a stimulating setting to explore their new movement and language skills with a sense of security,comfort, and confidence.



Level 2: 18 to 36 months

Level 2 classes encourage older toddlers to initiate their own ideas, nurturing social-emotional growth and cognitive development in a playful, exploratory environment.



Level 3: 3 to 5 years

Level 3 classes are designed to engage preschoolers’ natural love of music and activate their imaginations, while developing their growing language and social-emotional skills.


Young Child

Level 5: 5 to 7 years

Our most advanced classes offer children the opportunity to use music notation to play
a variety of instruments and participate in ensembles, while developing problem-solving and pre-literacy skills.


Mixed Ages & Families

Mixed-Age: 0 to 5 years

Mixed-age classes allow infants through seven-year-olds—and their caregivers—togather together for a fun-filled learning experience,accommodating all levels of learning and musical ability.