Level 1

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Age Range: 4 months - 24 months
Class Structure: Once a week, parent participatory
Class Length: 45 minutes
Class Size: 8


Foundations classes offer babies and young toddlers a stimulating environment to explore their new movement and language skills with a sense of security, comfort, and confidence. As your child thrives in a music and movement-driven environment, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other parents and caregivers and learn to use music to create and simplify routines at home.


Stimulate your baby's growing mind and body.

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Class Day Location Time Ages Session Length Cost Enroll Now
Level 1TuesdayDublin Toy Emporium11:30 - 12:15 pm4mo - 24moJan 15 - Apr 30$62/moRegister
FoundationsFridayDublin Toy Emporium12:30 - 1:15 pm4mo - 12moMar 1 - Mar 22$65/moRegister

Not seeing a day/time that works for you? Try our Mixed Ages classes! 


A sneak peak into a Kindermusik Foundations class

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Activities for babies and young toddlers

  • Listening to and experiencing songs and rhymes
  • Back-and-forth vocal plays and other parent-child interactions that build neural pathways in a baby’s developing brain
  • Exploring baby-safe instruments and other object play
  • Baby-caregiver bonding exercises, including story time, massage, and relaxation activities

Activities for older toddlers

  • Discovery and play with scarves, hoops, mirrors, and more
  • Instrument play and introduction to basic music concepts such as high/low, fast/slow, and holding a steady beat
  • Singing songs that include motions, repeated words, and different meters and modes


Benefits for babies and young toddlers

  • Increased balance and control over movements and strengthened core muscles
  • Ability to embrace both familiar and unfamiliar social experiences
  • Development of listening and back-and-forth communication skills
  • Introduction to a variety of spoken sounds and rhythms that will support language and literacy development

Benefits for older toddlers

  • Heightened body awareness and beginning competence in self-regulation of movement
  • Development of various basic gross-motor skills, fine-motor control, and coordination
  • Growing ability to recognize and follow patterns in music and move to a steady beat, fundamental skills that have been linked to math and language