Frequently Asked Questions


+ What do I do if I miss a class?

Don't stress if you've missed a class! We'll make sure you can make up that important time with your kiddo. We also offer unlimited make-ups since we know life is unpredictable.

You will have the opportunity to make up your missed class in any of our Kindermusik classes as long as there is an open spot available and the age of the class is appropriate for your child.

We try to be really flexible, but to ensure there is space in the class you are trying to pop in to, please make sure to reach out 24hrs in advance.

Plans change, and we get that. Please try to give us a heads up at least 2hrs in advance if you are unable to make it to a make up class or your regularly scheduled class.

Here's what to do:

Let us know you are going to miss a class. Thank you - this will open up a spot for another student.

Look at the schedule of classes and pick the time that works best for you.

Contact us with your makeup choice. Choose the best contact option for you:

Call or Text us at 330-685-5209, Email

+ How is a Playdate different from a class?

Our Musical Playdates provide a one-time themed class for any family to experience the joy of Kindermusik. They are offered once a month during our school year schedule. Whereas our Kindermusik classes follow themes for an entire month, these one-time themed classes are a stand alone class for any family, not just enrolled families.

Playdates are $20/child. Each child receives a goody bag to take home which includes a Kindermusik instrument (different each month!) and a "create your own playlist" music card so families can enjoy the songs from class at home.

The same courtesy 2hr cancellation window is appreciated for our playdates.

For upcoming playdates, please visit our schedule!

+ What are your Family Music Nights?

+ Do you offer a sibling bonus?

We do!