Frequently Asked Questions

+ What do I do if I miss a class?

Don't stress if you've missed a class! We'll make sure you can make up that important time with your kiddo. Life is unpredictable, so to help with that we offer unlimited make-up classes.

You will have the opportunity to make up your missed class in any of our Kindermusik classes as long as there is an open spot available and the age of the class is appropriate for your child.

We try to be really flexible, but to ensure there is space in the class you are trying to pop in to, please make sure to reach out 24hrs in advance.

Plans change, and we get that. Please try to give us a heads up at least 2hrs in advance if you are unable to make it to a make up class or your regularly scheduled class.

Here's what to do:

Let us know you are going to miss a class. Thank you - this will open up a spot for another student.

Look at the schedule of classes and pick the time that works best for you.

Contact us with your makeup choice. Choose the best contact option for you:

Call or Text us at 330-685-5209, Email

+ Do I need to sign up for the entire school year?

We know everyone's schedule is different, so YOU get to choose when you enroll and how long you enroll. There are no long-term commitments when signing up and paying month to month.

Units change monthly over the course of the 30 week school year schedule. Families can hop in at any point. If you join after the month has started, your cost will be prorated.

If you cannot stay until the end of the school year, we ask that you let us know before the end of the month prior, since payments run on the 1st of every month. You will have until your next payment is run to attend classes/events. Payments are not prorated for leaving in the middle of a month.

Families can re-enroll at any point after a break period. You will follow the same registration process as if registering from the start.

For specific questions regarding the school year schedule, please email us directly at

+ Do I need to pay for the entire school year? Am I locked in once I have registered?

Absolutely not! The entire school year is 30 weeks long. When you are enrolling you will have a couple different options for payment.

  • Pay in full - this is for the total 30 weeks. Your price is discounted for paying in full.
  • Pay in 2 installments - you will pay the first half upfront, and the second half on the first of January. Your price is discounted for paying in two installments.
  • Pay in 4 installments - you will pay two months at a time. Payment 1 - at checkout, payment 2 - Novemeber 1, payment 3 - January 1, payment 4 - March 1. You price is discounted for paying in 4 installments.

  • Pay Monthly - This is the non-commitment option. You pay as you go, but are not locked in! If you find Kindermusik is no longer working in your schedule, please let Miss Emily know BEFORE the 1st of the next month so your payment is not run. You will then have the remainder of the month to attend classes.

Other than when you enroll, payments are run on the 1st of the month.

+ What are the Digital Home Materials?

Kindermusik home materials accompany each unit covered in class and are included in registration costs. The digital units include the option to stream or download all of the class music, an e-book version of the unit’s story, and tons of games, activities, as well as developmental information and helpful parenting tips.

We believe that Kindermusik doesn't just need to be a weekly activity that children come to, rather music can be made a regular part of your daily routines. The more familiar and comfortable your child is with the songs from the class, the more comfortable IN CLASS your child will become. And that comfort will allow for more learning to happen!

These materials never expire! You have access for life!

Accessing your Home Materials: The first time you access your materials you will need to create an account at The email address you used to register for classes will be the same one used for your Kindermusik Home Materials.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Click here to register.”
  3. Enter name and email address.
  4. Set a password.
  5. Click on “Register Now” and then log in!
  6. Enjoy! Kindermusik Home Materials are easy for you, good for your child, and fun for all!

+ How is a Playdate different from a class?

Our Musical Playdates provide a one-time themed class for any family to experience the joy of Kindermusik. They are offered at different times throughout the month during the school year. Dates and times are constantly added, too!

Whereas our Kindermusik classes follow themes for an entire month, these one-time themed classes are a stand alone class for any family, not just enrolled families.

Playdates are $20/child. Each child receives a goody bag to take home which includes a Kindermusik instrument (different each month!) and a "create your own playlist" music card so families can enjoy the songs from class at home.

The same courtesy 2hr cancellation window is appreciated for our playdates.

For upcoming playdates, please visit our schedule!

Find more about our Fall Preview Playdates HERE.

+ Do you offer a sibling discount?

We do! Siblings are 40% off. To receive this discount, you'll need to reach out to Miss Emily directly for the discount code to use at purchase.

+ How many families are in each class?

Each class has a maximum of 8 children. In extreme circumstances there might be 10 in a Playdate class, but weekly classes are held to 8.

Please Note: A minimum number must be met in order for any class or playdate to occur. This minimum needs to be met 24 hours or earlier so that we can determine if a particular date will hold. Due to rental fees, teacher fees and quality assurance, we reserve the right to cancel any classes that do not meet this requirement. Please get your registration in at least 24 hours prior to class day if not earlier so we can ensure your preferred class holds. Thank you!

+ My child's age is in between levels. Which one do I choose?

We get this question a lot! The best way to decide is to reach out to Miss Emily so she can guide you to the best class.

Switching from classes can always be accommodated mid-session if your child is ready to move to the next level. If certain times are better for your schedule, we can look at what options you have available.

+ What are your Family Music Nights?

Bring the whole family to experience the learning, music and fun from your weekly class! Our family music nights are designed to share the joy of Kindermusik with other family members who may not be able to make it during the regular class time.

Family Music Nights are only for families currently enrolled in Kindermusik classes and we ask that you save your spot prior to the event (so we know how many to expect!).

+ Can I bring a friend, grandparent, or sibling to my class?

We love when you want to share Kindermusik with friends! We need to make sure there is room in a particular class, however before they just arrive with their child(ren).

To have a friend attend a class with you, they will need to complete the PREVIEW CLASS form. They can provide in the additional information section that a friend attends a particular class and every accommodation will be made to have them join us on their date and time.

Bringing Extra Siblings: If schools are cancelled or not in session, siblings might be home at your regularly scheduled class time. Siblings are more than welcome (even if not in the age range for the class) on these speciall occassions, however please reach out to Miss Emily or the instructor to provide a heads up.

Bringing a Grandparent: It's truly special when we have additional family members who want to see what your child's Kindermusik class is all about. Again, a courtesy heads up to Miss Emily or your child's instructor is all we ask.