Enrollment Information


Enrolling in the program must be done online. Classes are ongoing and enrollments can be done at any time. Families have two options when signing up. Either on-going enrollment (monthly for the entire session) or short-term enrollment (in groups of 4, 8, or 12 classes at a time).

The majority of our families are enrolled in on-going enrollment. Families registering for on-going enrollment will be charged on the first day of their class, and then that same date in the following months until the end of a session. (For example, if you register for a class that starts Sept 3, your first charge would be Sept 3, then for the following session you would be charged again Oct 3, Nov 3, and Dec 3). Payments for on-going, monthly enrollment for an entire session have been evenly divided over the span of the session to assist in smaller payments. Payment will be prorated if registering in the middle of the month.

Families can become enroll for on-going classes at any time during the session. There are some scheduled class breaks during Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Years, and Spring Break. Sometimes fees will be charged for a month’s worth when there is only a week or two of classes, but keep in mind, we are simply taking the total cost for 30 classes and dividing it in payments to make it simpler for everyone.

Example: If you were to sign up in January where there are less than 4 classes that month, you will still be charged $68 at signup, then $68 on 2/1, 3/1 & 4/1 for a total of $272. This covers 15 classes and materials. There is no additional charge on 5/1 despite the fact we have some classes that month! Your first payment covers your materials, thus we must charge prior or at time of enrollment (verses holding and charging in May). If you come in mid-session, we do pro-rate tuition!

Subscription is not a contract in that you can cancel at any time during the school year, but cancellation must be sent to our office by email (to emily@learnsingandgrow.com) BEFORE the 1st of the upcoming month. Since all charges are made automatically on the 1st, once a charge is processed, refunds will not be given and cancellation will be made for any future months.

Perks for subscribers weekly secondary classes (new for the 2018-2019 school year) to attend for each child enrolled (value $45), and 20% off any of our birthday party packages. We make life easy on our subscribers to get signed up for future classes. Since we consider them “members” they do not need to fill out a registration form each semester. They just send us a quick email letting us know what class they want and we take care of the rest!

Weekly secondary class Perk! You can attend a second age appropriate class each week at any location. To attend a secondary class, you must reserve your space by signing up at the link provided only to paid subscribers. This must be done weekly as we move through the school year. Secondary spaces are first come first serve each week. Each child can attend a total of TWO classes per week – 1 primary class PLUS 1 secondary OR makeup class. To take advantage of our secondary class perk or makeup class, you must be enrolled in a primary class at that time.