Summer Kindermusik for Mixed Ages


Age Range: 4mo - 4yr (+siblings)
Class Length: 45 minutes, weekly
Class Type: Parent participatory.

Class Duration: Will be held week of June 3 - week of July 30

Class Days/Times:

Tuesdays 5:30am

Wednesdays 10:30am

Fridays 9:30am


Registration options:


This includes 8 weekly classes. Families will receive two sets of digital home materials.


This includes 4 weekly classes. Families will receive one set of digital home materials.


This includes 4 weekly classes. Families will receive one set of digital home materials.

Summer Package

Purchase a PACKAGE to attend at any point over the summer in a class that works in your schedule. (Class must have space available).

All options above are online registration by credit card. Interested in paying by cash or check? Please email to find out how.


Our mixed-age classes are perfect for families who wish to bring two or more children of different ages to the same class, or for parents who simply prefer a mixed-age setting for their child. These classes allow infants through seven-year-olds—and their caregivers—to gather together for a fun-filled learning experience. Your Kindermusik educator will help you modify movement activities, group dances, and instrument-play activities for each of your children.

Mixed-age classes offer the perfect setting for weekly family bonding time and inspire ideas for more music exploration, play, and fun at home.

Class is parent participatory and cost includes home materials. 



Our June Unit

Ready for a flight of fancy? It’s time to explore all of the floating, flying, fluttering things we can find Up in the Sky. We’ll use our imaginations to fly kites, stretch like clouds, and dance like stars. We’ll hop and fly with a flock of robins, soar with a wise old owl, and see the silver moon boat sail across the sky. Fire up your imagination, because we mean it when we say…the sky’s the limit!


Our July Unit

Grab your beach ball, we’re going to the beach! Crabs are scuttling, toes are wiggling, waves are crashing, and the sun is shining. We’ll enjoy favorite songs and dances, do an Octopus Hula, jump on a banana boat, and then snuggle up and happily relax to gentle beach sounds and songs. Beach Days are as fun and restorative as…well, a trip to the beach!

Please Note: A minimum number must be met in order for any class or playdate to occur. This minimum needs to be met 24 hours or earlier so that we can determine if a particular date will hold. Due to rental fees, teacher fees and quality assurance, we reserve the right to cancel any classes that do not meet this requirement. Please get your registration in at least 24 hours prior to class day if not earlier so we can ensure your preferred class holds. Thank you!