Psychologists, scientists, and experts in early childhood development have demonstrated that music does more than bring children joy; it helps their brain cells make the connections needed for every kind of intelligence.



Our brains and muscles work together when we clap, balance, and twirl. Movement is good for your body and good for your brain.


Early Math

Music is based in math and is full of counting and patterns. Music symbols are a lot like math symbols. It's no surprise children who learn how to play music end up displaying strong math skills once they get to school.


Social Emotional

Our classes for children cultivate sharing, turn-taking, active listening, cooperation, paying attention, and healthy social interaction with peers and adults. Kindermusik supports the key abilities needed for children to grow into socially confident and capable people.


Language & Literacy

Active music-making and activities that emphasize steady beat, rhythm, and pitch increase phonological awareness due to similarities in brain functioning between music and language.



We don't just sing, we use our voices to explore, echo and innovate. There are no limits to the way we imagine, innovate, and create. Kids are encouraged to use their whole bodies, whole personalities, and encouraged to be themselves.



Musical learning provides gains in abstract reasoning, spatial and temporal reasoning, and self-control. Singing, moving and playing instruments is like a full body workout for the brain.