Studio Policies

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Our Mission

Kindermusik with Emily wants to be able to provide the best musical education experience possible to every family. We strive to create a fun, intentional, creative and safe environment for all families. We are committed to bringing a quality experience to our clients!



Enrolling in the program must be done online. Classes are ongoing and enrollments can be done at any time. Families have two options when signing up. Either on-going enrollment (monthly for the entire session) or short-term enrollment (in groups of 4, 8, or 12 classes at a time).

Flexible Schedule

Families are welcome to enroll at any point of the month/session. Each month we introduce a new course unit. Since families can enroll at any point, each course unit is flexible enough that families can jump in at any time. Although we have very flexible enrollment, we also encourage consistent attendance, as better retention occurs through consistency.


Siblings can enroll at a discounted price. Siblings do not need to be enrolled in the same course. Kindermusik At Home material costs are included in this price. If you are interested in enrolling more than one student, please contact for more details.

Make Up Classes

Refunds are not given for missed classes. We suggest coming to a similar age course at another convenient time for your makeup, however exceptions can be made for make up classes. Families can enjoy unlimited make up courses as long as they are enrolled. Please email Miss Emily at to schedule.


Families registering for on-going enrollment will be charged on the first day of their class, and then that same date in the following months until the end of a session. (For example, if you register for a class that starts Sept 3, your first charge would be Sept 3, then for the following session you would be charged again Oct 3, Nov 3, and Dec 3). Payments for on-going, monthly enrollment for an entire session have been evenly divided over the span of the session to assist in smaller payments. Payment will be prorated if registering in the middle of the month.

Families registering for short-term enrollment will be charged in full at the time of checkout. These classes do not expire, but are required to be used consecutively. If a family misses a class for any reason, please contact to schedule your make up class.

Class Routines & Rituals

Each class is comprised of routines and rituals that benefit the development of your child. These need to be learned though! Expect at least 4 classes to learn the environment and routine of the class. Kindermusik educators will also share how the benefits of activities as well as how to continue at home.

Kindermusik@Home Materials

Kindermusik home materials accompany each unit covered in class and are included in registration costs. The digital units include the option to stream or download all of the class music, an e-book version of the unit’s story, and tons of games, activities, as well as developmental information and parenting tips. Simply login to using your email address to continue the learning at home.


Withdrawals are only necessary for families with on-going enrollment. If a family is unable to complete the entire session, they can cancel at any time by filling out a program withdrawal form. The family must let Kindermusik with Emily know in writing by the last day of the month if they wish to cancel. The withdrawal form can be requested in the studio or through email. Please note that your monthly payments will not be prorated for unenrolling in the middle of a month. Your enrollment will continue through your next billing cycle.