Class Offerings

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Ages Newborn - 24mo

Share joyful music making experiences and strengthen family bonds as infants and young toddlers explore new sounds, sensations, objects and movements.


Ages 4mo - 24mo

Give your wide-eyed toddler the comfort of musical routines and the confidence to explore their growing movement and language.


Ages 18mo - 3yrs

It's never too early to explore creativity! Music, movement, and plenty of toddler-style energy encourage social-emotional growth and build early pre-literacy and number skills.


Ages 4mo - 4 yrs

The perfect setting for family bonding, mixed age classes offer fun filled learning experiences for children and their caregivers, accommodating all levels musical ability.


Ages 3yrs - 5yrs

Engage your preschoolers natural love of music and let their imagination fly free, all while bolstering language, memory, and social-emotional skills.


Ages 3yr - 4yr

Exciting experiences await as your child learns musical symbols, terms and concepts, explores more complex instruments, and builds skills that enhance school readiness.


Ages 4yr - 7yr

Our most advanced classes allow children to use music notation to play a variety of instruments and participate in ensembles, boosting social-emotional, problem-solving, and pre-literacy skills.