Tips for New & Returning Kindermusik Families

You’ve enrolled in Kindermusik, that’s great! You enrolled because you wanted to give your child the best. Whether a returning family or a brand new family to our program we are excited to become your partner in this musical experience! We want your family to experience all that Kindermusik has to offer - bringing the joy of music together with lots of learning and don’t forget the precious time together!


Returning Families, Welcome Back!

If you are returning, What should you expect in the first couple classes after a break?

Maybe you’ve taken some time off or just enjoyed a short break from your regular Kindermusik classes. Know that when you come back there will be a period of transition for your child, but this is perfectly normal. Your child will need to re-establish the rituals and routines we follow in class.

During your return to Kindermusik, you may find that your normally outgoing child is more of an observer. Your child may choose to sing along or may not. You may see tears, your child may cling to you, or your child may become overwhelmed.

That’s where we can help! We’ve been through this before and know what to expect and how to assist. During this time of adjustment your child is seeing new faces, hearing new some new songs, coming at a new time and possibly even has a new instructor. It can take between 4-6 classes to transition to your Kindermusik class. Stay calm, this is OK and we are there to help with the transition!

New Families, Welcome!

If you are a new to our program, What should you expect in the first couple classes?

Our classes are filled with singing, story-telling, jumping, instruments and lots of laughing! Kindermusik has done the research so we know how young children learn best. Our classes revolve around the uniqueness of your child and Kindermusik takes the time to train their educators to celebrate your child’s uniqueness and meet every child at their developmental level.

Remember that joining a Kindermusik class is a new experience (for you and your little one!). They might jump right in, they might prefer to observe. They might try to sing along, they might want to just sit and listen. They might stay in your lap, or they might move around. This is all perfectly fine, and however your child chooses to participate is great! As they become more comfortable over time they will interact more. The more they see you interacting, the more comfortable they will become in trying new movements.

There is no right or wrong way to attend a Kindermusik class! Allow them to interact as they choose and just enjoy!

Key Element One: Rituals and Routines

Kindermusik knows that learning happens when a child is comfortable and can anticipate what is coming next. From the very first class we build our rituals and routines to accomplish just that. You’ll notice that we always will sing the same first song (Hello song) and ending song (Goodbye song). Because it may take as many as 6 classes to fully transition into a class (sometimes longer depending on the child), building these routines and rituals will help your child ease into class, become comfortable with their new surroundings and new friends. It’s all part of the process!

Key Element Two: Repetition

We’re talking about our 3 R’s today: Rituals, routines, and now our third, repetition. Your child thrives on repetition. It is an incredibly important building block for your child’s development. Learning (also known as the growth of neural connections in your child’s brain) cannot happen with just one pass through. To strengthen those neural networks we need to do it, rinse & repeat! (Learning to walk doesn’t happen overnight, and either does learning!)

Each week you will find we sing the same songs, perhaps do the same dances, and modify the activities. We even read the same story for the entire unit. This isn’t to drive you crazy, but instead Kindermusik knows that learning happens through repetition over time. So each and every unit you can expect familiarity and repetition. It’s how your child learns best.

Get Ready for Fun & Learning!

The excitement is building for our classes! In fact, nothing makes us more excited that when we see your child mastering a new skill, starting to sing along, offering a new movement idea, or even learning to walk! At Kindermusik we learn, sing and grow! And that’s our goal: to ensure every family experiences a joyful musical environment where they can connect through learning with their child!