The Power of Touch

A simple touch can be extremely powerful, especially for a child. Here are some simple musical ways to provide a loving touch to your child.

  1. Gently massage a crying or scared child with light strokes on the back while humming or singing along to a song such as “Simple Gifts.”

  2. Make it a daily routine to wake a baby or child by stroking their face, feet or stomach to increase alertness while singing an upbeat tune such as “Love Somebody.”

  3. Offer opportunities for sensory play. Using musical instruments such as bells, rhythm sticks, zig zag blocks and sandblocks is a great way to introduce both textures and sounds. Describing the materials as you play stimulates language development.

  4. Make eye contact and stimulate a child with regular conversation and play, which are critical for healthy development.

  5. Sway and dance together to “Twinkle Dance” or another favorite tune, moving in a smooth (legato) or bumpy (staccato) way to help a baby learn about music articulation through movement and touch.

  6. Pat or stroke a child’s back as they fall asleep while singing softly to “Oh, Watch the Stars,” another favorite lullaby.