A Class JUST for Infants & Babies: Coming in March!

During the month of March we have added an infants & babies class to our schedule of classes. This class is perfect for spending quality time with baby through musical activities in addition to gaining usable knowledge for the parent. Feel supported by other parents who have babies a similar age, and learn how to incorporate music into your daily routines to make life a bit easier.


Class Days

Friday March 1

Friday March 8

Friday March 15

Friday March 22

Class Time

12:30 pm - 1:15 pm

Class Cost

$65 (this includes the 4 weekly classes as an instrument, storybook, and home materials & resources)

Welcome to Peas & Carrots!

Yum, yum, yum!! Are you hungry? In Peas & Carrots, we’ll have fun moving, singing, and playing as we explore snacks, meals, cooking, and of course mm, mm, eating! We’ll focus on patterns, helping babies learn to explore, understand, and anticipate the world around them. So get ready to play in the kitchen — it’s time for some deliciously fun activities!

Benefits of Class

Foundations classes offer a sensory-rich yet caring and gentle environment where infants and young toddlers can explore and react to new sounds, sensations, objects, and movements. Each of our activities is intentional and comes with it’s own benefits. Here are just a couple of the benefits to look forward to!

Creating Daily Patterns through Routines

Routines play a vital role in babies’ development. Consistent routines allow babies to anticipate what will happen next, which gives them the confidence and a sense of control. The hello song in our Foundations class creates a ritual - at the beginning of every class we come together and sing a song using baby’s name and a movement. This becomes a predictable pattern for baby, letting them know that a series of music and movement activities will follow.

Developing an Internal Steady Beat

Steady beat is one of the most fundamental aspects of music. Exposing baby to a steady beat - and providing opportunities for them to hear, feel, see, and move to it - is important for their healthy development. Baby begins to internalize a sense of steady beat, which will ultimately help them organize and coordinate their body. All this will provide a strong foundation for all of the activities to look forward to — such as walking, bouncing a ball, cutting with scissors, and of course, playing a musical instrument!

Learning How to Relax

Did you know that baby learns the patterns of relaxation from you? When adults consciously calm and center ourselves, we are teaching baby how to do the same. Baby learns that relaxation involves slow, controlled breathing and a slower pulse. I’m sure you’ve noticed that rocking and quiet/soothing music can support this. This is a pattern you will want your baby to know as they learn to self soothe.

Bonding with your Baby through Massage

Touch is crucial for proper human development! We add sensory balls to massage to provide a variety of touches for baby. Massaging stimulates growth and circulation, and it fosters bonding and closeness between you and baby.

Stimulating Vestibular System

Stimulating the what?? Babies crave vestibular stimulation, which is any movement causing the fluid in the inner ear to shift. There are many ways to stimulate this system, but rocking is the form most associated with babies. As you rock with your baby, their brain is taking in information that will help develop motor skills. Believe it or not, the act of rocking in your arms prepares your baby for future crawling, walking, running, and jumping! Now you have an excuse to cuddle and rock every single day!