Kindermusik is for Everyone!

There are so many options out there when it comes to finding things to do with your children or classes for your children to attend. It can be overwhelming! finding a new class can be hard, and not knowing quite what to expect might be the very reason you never stumble upon your next favorite thing. (Or your child’s next favorite thing!)

We want to take all of the worrying out of trying a Kindermusik class. Why? Because Kindermusik is for everyone. There’s no “right way” during Kindermusik classes.

Not comfortable singing along? That’s OK!

Have a child who’s constantly on-the-move? That’s OK!

Have a child who likes to observe? That’s OK!

Kindermusik celebrates the uniqueness of each child. We encourage all of our parents and children to experience Kindermusik in their own way. We create an environment for you and your child to spend quality time together, enjoy music making together, and watch them grow right before your very eyes!

We highly recommend coming to join us for a preview class, if you haven’t already been to one. You’ll see how Kindermusik is for You!