Get the most from Kindermusik: 5 things you can start doing right now!

-by Emily Chitkara

Bringing your little one to class every week is just the beginning to seeing the benefits from Kindermusik. We encourage families to keep the learning going at home and even provide some helpful tips to doing so throughout the week! Try these five tips out (especially if you are new to the program!) and you might be surprised with the results!

Start listening to the Kindermusik songs everywhere you go. This might seem like a no brainer, but start playing those songs everywhere you go! In the play room, while you go grocery shopping, while you are in the car running errands. At the beginning of every unit the teacher will share with you the new set of home materials. Not sure where to get them? Visit to login and either download or stream the songs. These are meant to be used after class is over! Benefit: The better your child knows the songs the more engaged they will be in class! Let the listening begin!

Incorporate the Hello & Goodbye song outside of class. Music creates joy, and these two songs in particular help create rituals. What better way to say hello to someone than with a song? You’re also helping create rituals with your child so they know what to expect when they hear these songs. Rituals help provide little ones with stability and a sense of control. If they know what will happen next you’ll get less melt downs and tantrums.

Make the “bells away” song part of your clean up ritual too. Remember the benefits of the rituals above? Well establishing routines with children also provide the same sense of security and stability for them. It can be hard for children to transition from one activity to the next. Providing a cue for the transition can help! Pro Tip: Don’t limit the singing to your cleanup ritual! Your child loves your voice, so sing as often as you can!

Play games that include Stop & Go. We play a lot of stop and go games in class. And if you notice, the teacher is using the American Sign Language sign for “stop”. Do that at home, too! These games are more than just about working inhibitory control — which, by the way takes years to develop! By signing along with the word “stop” you’re helping to give your brain an extra task.

Find time to rock & relax just like in class. This one is powerful! Music is a great tool that can help regulate emotions, no matter the age. The act of rocking, or relaxing with your little one provides a special moment of focused interaction between the two of you that strengthens your bond with them and helps them feel loved and secure. “Children’s ability to self-regulate predicts high social competence, high academic success, low levels of negative emotion, and even higher SAT test scores (Eisenberg et al. 2004).” – Lucille M. Foran 2009